Researcher vol.3

Continuous efforts to overcome challenges to achieve harmonious coexistence between humans and nature

To promote education and research contributing to the welfare and peace of humankind
Studying, nurturing, capturing, and sometimes battling with, all kinds of organisms, these are the daily routines of researchers at the School of Applied Biological Science. The following is a frank dialogue between researchers who compete with and encourage each other to improve, sometimes as teacher and student and at other times as fellow members and comrades.

Naoki Isobe/Naoki Suzuki

Laboratory of Animal Histophysiology
Naoki Isobe


Doctoral Course Student
Technician (Veterinarian),
Hiroshima Agricultural Mutual Aid Association
Doctoral Course Student,
Laboratory of Animal Histophysiology
Naoki Suzuki

Naoki Isobe, associate professor at Laboratory of Animal Physiology, Hiroshima University, continues his research at his alma mater after graduating from the School of Applied Biological Science and School of Applied Biological Science. This spring, a new doctoral student came to join his team. The student, Naoki Suzuki, is a professional veterinarian, who is trying hard to balance his job responsibility with his doctoral research. The duo shares their research goal: containment of a disease that seriously affects the *self-sufficient production of cow’s milk. They have started to work together in their lab to take on the challenge, using two different approaches- one Animal Science, and the other veterinary microbiology.
*Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries: Food Balance Sheet
Calculated from the following data: the Domestic Production of Cow’s Milk and the Amount of the Milk for Domestic Consumption.

Yukichi Fujikawa/Marina Suekawa

Associate Professor/Lecturer
Associate Professor/Lecturer,
Enzyme Chemistry Laboratory
Yukichi Fujikawa


Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor,
Enzyme Chemistry Laboratory
Marina Suekawa

These two researchers have conducted research together for several years already in the same laboratory. Both of them have advanced from the School of Applied Biological Science to the School of Applied Biological Science. To tell the truth, however, Associate Professor Fujikawa previously belonged to another laboratory. Here is a dialogue in which they held a detailed discussion on the similarities and differences between them, as well as on their views of their laboratory. In the 2018 academic year, Ms. Suekawa was appointed as Assistant Professor of the laboratory, becoming a professional researcher. What did her close predecessor, Associate Professor Fujikawa say, when he expressed his expectations for her?

Yoichi Sakai/Satoshi Tomano

Biology of Aquatic Resources
Yoichi Sakai


Postdoctoral researcher
Laboratory of Aquaculture
Satoshi Tomano

Prof. Sakai focuses mainly on behavioral ecological research to elucidate the social structures and reproductive strategies of shallow water fish at individual levels, while young researcher Tomano has been drawing other researchers’ attention with his research into the stock structure of Sepioteuthis lessoniana (the bigfin reef squid). While their interests, research subjects and methods differ, they are both courageous enough to take on hardships to solve the mysteries behind hydrosphere organisms. The following is a transcript of their frank conversation.